Natural Wellness Cosmetics

The Zeitun brand of natural cosmetics and perfume is a direct legacy of the renowned Middle Eastern Traditions and oriental beauty & wellness rituals. Zeitun cosmetic products derive their origin from the luxurious Damascus hammam baths, Aleppo soap manufacturers, and ancient recipes of fragrant oil blends.

Drawing inspiration from such invaluable experience, our products are a true combination of cultural heritage, exotic natural ingredients, highly efficient modern technologies, and sophisticated design aesthetics.

Zeitun encourages daily complete indulgence in the most luxurious sensations of natural care, transporting your mind and body on a journey of well-being and balance.

Zeitun cosmetics manufacturing conforms to the world’s standards of quality and principles of Halal, it’s cruelty-free, not tested on animals, and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients (SLS/SLES, silicone, parabens, mineral oil).