Professional Cosmetology Solutions

KÖNNER is a German brand of professional cosmetics and salon equipment, which offers complex beauty & care solutions such as pedicure supplies, ranges for the body, hair and face care, and a series of professional sanitizers, antiseptic and antibacterial products to provide complex protection against bacteria and viruses.

KÖNNER offers thoroughly designed systems for body, hair and face care. Well-designed complexes and tested schemes of application, perfect compatibility and synergy of ingredients ensure safe approach and impeccable results in dealing with different cosmetology and esthetic problems.

The main principle of the brand is a careful selection of raw materials with proven effectiveness, confirmed by independent scientific research. All the formulas of the products are being developed in collaboration with this laboratory in accordance with ЕС No 1223/2009 regulation and require the use of European raw materials.

KÖNNER products are designed for professional beauty salons, cosmetology centers and also adapted for personal home procedures.