Healthy. Natural. Beautiful.

DoctorWell is a premium brand that creates cosmetic products and dietary supplements to maintain people’s health and beauty. It comprises international experience in the sphere of biological developments, the latest innovations in nutritional science and wide Russian production capabilities.

DoctorWell’s trendy, natural formulas are affordable for everyone who consciously cares for their health, beauty and strives to improve their quality of life. Thanks to our advanced laboratories and optimal production processes, we create effective, high-quality and affordable products that meet the essential needs of a modern person.

DoctorWell cosmetic products and dietary supplements are designed according to the principle ‘mix & match’: products complement each other, which provides a complex synergistic effect from both the inside and outside.

DoctorWell products are based on European ingredients with clinically proven efficacy, which have been proven through research and test results.

In 2020 the DoctorWell brand won The Medical Star award in the ‘Best Premium Brand of Dietary Supplements for Health and Beauty’ nomination.